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Public Source Launch

The Public Source is a Beirut-based independent media organization. It is dedicated to reporting on socioeconomic and environmental crises afflicting Lebanon with the onset of neoliberal governance in the 90s, and providing political commentary on events unfolding since  October 17.


Follow the Public Source, an independent media organisation that we have been supporting part of our Incubator programme. The Public Source is now online and aims to make available in-depth and uncompromising journalism at the service of public interest.


Our director Marie Noelle Abi Yaghi and deputy director Lea Yammine are featured in the latest batch of articles on The Public Source. You can read their full articles here: “The People Want … Social Justice! The October 2019 Social Movement and the Impact of Aid Politics in Lebanon”  & What Mapping Collective Action Tells Us About the Lebanon Protests