Alternative Academy Relaunch - Spring 2020

The Alternative Academy (AA) is a joint initiative by Lebanon Support and JIBAL.

The AA is a multi-disciplinary space for critical thinking, discussions, and learning. It was born out of a shared quest for intellectually stimulating, affordable and open courses in the country. It provides alternative viewpoints and perspectives on various subjects while encouraging people to revisit and rethink mainstream concepts and ideologies. Ultimately, the AA aims at contributing to building a more open, just and inclusive society.



The Spring 2020 courses are now open for registration. The Alternative Academy is offering a wide range of courses, from social and political sciences (anthropology, sociology...) to natural sciences (physics, climatology, entomology…) as well as architecture and arts. They are led by university-level instructors or experienced individuals that are experts in their fields. Courses are accessible for all age groups and backgrounds, are highly engaging and interactive, in an attempt to promote alternative teaching methods and pedagogies, one of the long-term objectives of the AA.

Registrations are made on a per course basis (attendance to the full course is required). Rates vary according to the length and type of course, with an average price around 30,000LL for a 2h session. 


You can view the full list of courses here: 


If you wish to register for any of these courses you can do by filling this online form.