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Civil Society Review
Issue 3
Unraveling “Civil Society:” Policy, Dependency Networks, and Tamed Discontent. Reflections from Lebanon and Palestine

The articles gathered in this dossier offer insights, based on case studies, into the transformation of the “associative sector” in Lebanon, a sector generally seen to be at the core of an increasingly active civil society. Four of these studies relate to Lebanon, while the fifth brings a welcome comparison with the Palestinian case. The dossier also includes a review of a book that investigates the Lebanese and...

Research & Reports
Reception Policies, Practices, and Responses

This report provides a contextual analysis of the provision of reception to asylum seekers in Lebanon, with a particular focus on the developments of the period spanning 2011 to 2019.  Research findings highlight the absence of a comprehensive asylum reception regime, in favour of a set of formal and informal ad-hoc policies and decisions taken from 2014 onwards, with the specific aim of dissuading populations of concerns from settling in the country.

Call for Papers
War: A Catalyst for the Transformation of Families? (En-Fr-Ar)
Research & Reports
Global Migration: Consequences and Responses

This report provides a contextual analysis of the provision of refugee protection in Lebanon. It highlights the absence of a comprehensive refugee protection legal framework, in favor of a  set of formal and informal ad hoc policies, which are limited in scope and inclusivity. While the Lebanese polity is a signatory of international conventions calling for non-discriminatory protection, and non-refoulement, it falls short in practice with...

New infographic

This visual provides an overview of the key protest sites in Beirut which have been reclaimed by protestors since the mobilisations that started as of the 17th of October 2019. 


Research & Reports
Lebanon’s Border Regime: Fluid Rigidity, Foreign Interference, and Hybrid Security Assemblages

This report seeks to analyse border and migration governance in Lebanon; it provides an overview of legislation and policies concerned with border management and control in Lebanon, by systematically analysing pre-entry controls, controls at the border, internal control regimes, and return policies. Moreover, by examining the role of national and international actors in migration and border management in Lebanon, the report also aims to shed light on geopolitical factors and the impact of foreign interventions to local governance and sovereignty, as well as underlying complex dynamics...