Junior Research Associate

Nadim is a researcher whose work focuses on the connections between social movements, neoliberalism, and ethno-sectarian politics. He is based at the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS) where he has examined the discourse of candidates in the 2018 elections, studied the campaigns of emerging political actors, and analysed some of the demands of protesters during the ongoing revolution. He obtained his BA in Political Science and Asian Languages & Civilizations from Amherst College, as well as a Five College Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies. His honors thesis looked at why anti-establishment groups have failed to effect political change in Lebanon, while also studying how the power-sharing system compels citizens to navigate the social, political, and legal realm through gendered confessional identities. He is currently editing a forthcoming book on sectarian dynamics with LCPS and pursuing a MA in Sociology as a Graduate Fellow at the American University of Beirut. Publications

Recent publications authored by Nadim include:

- El Kak, N. & Zoughaib, S. 2020. "Politique économique: la fin du "haririsme"?" L'Orient-Le Jour, 18 January 2020. Available here.

- El Kak, N., Forthcoming. “Unpacking counter-revolutionary culturalist arguments.” The Public Source.

- El Kak, N. & Zoughaib S., 2020. “Grappling between past and future: will Lebanon’s political economy reproduce itself?” openDemocracy, 10 January 2020. Available here.

- El Kak, N. 2019. “Lebanon’s Sectarian Regime at a Crossroads as Taif Reaches 30-year Anniversary” An-Nahar English, 21 October 2019. Available here.

- El Kak, N. 2019. “A Path for Political Change in Lebanon? Lessons and Narratives from the 2018 Elections.” Bawader, Arab Reform Initiative. 25 July 2019. Available in English and Arabic.