Maissam Nimer is a sociologist working in the fields of migration, education, language, and social and gender inequalities. She obtained a PhD in sociology at Paris Saclay University in July 2016. In her thesis, she looked at the mechanisms of social and cultural selection that explain the inequality of access to higher education in Lebanon. Nimer’s current work at Koç University, Istanbul, deals with the integration of Syrian refugee youth in Turkey. She is the recipient of a one-year Koç University Seed Grant and a Mercator IPC fellow at Sabanci University exploring the role of language instruction in integration of Syrian refugees in Turkey. She is also a committee member of the “Axe Migrations et Mobilités” at the French Institute for Anatolian Studies, Istanbul (AMiMo, IFEA). Nimer teaches courses on the sociology of education at Galatasaray University in Turkey.

She holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and BS from the American University of Beirut. Link to websitePublications

Recent publication authored by Maissam include:

- "Prior identities and responses to habitus mismatch among scholarship students in a private elite university" (under review by British Journal of Sociology of Education).

- "Gendered family practices and emergence of dispositions 'to resist' in an elite university in Lebanon" (under review by Gender and Education).

- "Developing human capital or encouraging emigration? Case study of an international development program in Lebanon," in forthcoming, Cambridge Scholar Publishing.

- "Lutte contre les inégalités d’accès à l’enseignement supérieur au Liban : étude d’un programme de bourses," in Réussite scolaire, réussite professionnelle, l’apport des données longitudinales, XXIes journées d’étude sur les données longitudinales dans l’analyse du marché du travail, Dijon, Relief 48 Echanges du Céreq, 2014

- "La méritocratie néolibérale contre l’égalité sociale? Analyse d’un dispositif de développement destine aux étudiants libanais", Civil Society Review, Lebanon Support, 2014.

- "Liban: 'misère' de l’école publique", Les Carnets de l’Ifpo. La recherche en train de se faire à l’Institut Français du Proche-Orient (, 2013.