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Event Summary: Discover the new Daleel Madani

Lebanon Support organised on the 9th of November, together with its community partner Berytech, a public event to celebrate the new and  improved Daleel Madani website.

The event took place at Berytech, Mathaf with more than 50 attendees from various sectors in Lebanon, who were all gathered to celebrate Daleel Madani’s success during the past 11 years. Attendees got the chance to discover the new Daleel Madani and test it, ahead of its online launch.

Due to the fact that the platform used for web development and content management for Daleel Madani was outdated and needed an upgrade, a crowdfunding campaign for a new and improved Daleel Madani was launched by Lebanon Support in March 2017. After the platform restructuring process was over, a sneak preview was offered exclusively to the attendees during the event and prior to the website’s official launch on the 14th of November.

The event started with a welcoming note presented by two members of Lebanon Support, Rola Saleh and Sana Tarabay. They introduced the work of Lebanon Support, elaborated on the special character of Lebanon’s civil society and explained the importance of a platform like Daleel Madani in such an environment. They further welcomed the subsequent speakers of the event, Dr. Rima Majed from the American University of Beirut, Omar Kabboul from Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections, and Yamen Ballan from Hamzet Wasl. The guest speakers’ interventions aimed at showcasing the different user perspectives of Daleel Madani, as they addressed the audience with advices on how to increase the efficiency of the usage while using the website.

Afterwards, Lebanon Support’s Technology and Innovation Advisor Walid Abou Saifan, introduced from a technical approach, the new Daleel Madani website and discussed in further details its updates in terms of accessibility and usage. He explained how the new Daleel Madani is more responsive, and presented the modern and updated website design to the audience, who was able to test it on laptops and on their phones.

Daleel Madani is the most visited online portal for civil society actors in Lebanon. It is considered to be the  main reference on the civil society sector in the country.

Launched during the July 2006 war in an attempt to provide a space for collaboration between the various civil and civic initiatives at the time, Daleel Madani is dedicated to promoting accessible information about civil society, in a belief in the right to information and in the importance of transparent civil society work. In addition, it aims to strengthen civil society cooperation, thus limiting duplication of work, and enhancing the sector in Lebanon. Through Daleel Madani, member civil society actors can register and benefit from a variety of services, such as posting resources, projects, call for proposals, events, press releases, and job vacancies. Daleel Madani currently has a directory of more than 1,300 civil society actors, including collectives, national civil society organisations, international NGOs, UN agencies, donor organisations, and private sector firms working towards the public good.

Daleel Madani is the most regularly updated and used site by civil society organisations in the country. It gathers over 1 million page views per month, and is among the 100 most visited websites in Lebanon.

Visit the new and improved Daleel Madani here.