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Alternative Academy is back with new courses for Fall 2019-2020!


Lebanon Support is glad to announce the relaunch of the Alternative Academy (AA), its joint initiative with JIBAL and part of its Civil Society Incubator.

What is the Alternative Academy?
The Alternative Academy (AA) aims to make scientific knowledge available to the larger public, in line with the belief in open access to information and lifelong learning. The AA is a multi-disciplinary scientific space for critical thinking, discussion, and learning. It offers a wide range of courses, from social and political sciences to natural and environmental sciences, as well as practical workshops and activities, across four main thematics: Environment, cities, & public spaces; social change & social justice; organisations, structures, & strategies; and life skills. 

You can find the list of courses offered for the fall semester, from October 2019 to January 2020, with their descriptions, and details on the Alternative Academy page here, as well as in the catalogue

To register to a course, please fill in this online form.

* The AA is an independent, self sustainable programme, that only receives logistical support from Eedama, a social enterprise delivering Learning Experiences in the field of environmental sustainability in the UAE and Lebanon.