Highlighted Publications:

Civil Society Review issue 1 - January 2015 Revisiting Inequalities in Lebanon: the case of the "Syrian refugee crisis" and gender dynamics, 2015. This first issue of the Civil Society Review reflects the core of Lebanon Support’s mission and mandate to create a space for reflection, collaboration and debate between scholarly research, expertise and activism in Lebanon. Its themes were informed by, if not imposed by, the current problematics that civil society actors have been facing in the past few years in Lebanon, and that are structuring their work. While we are aware of the fetishization of the concept of “civil society”, our approach seeks to introduce a critical and distanced reflection to its underlying contents and implications, and to consider it as a social and political construct in the Lebanese context rather than a given.
Study & Survey: Mental and reproductive health survey of the Nahr El-Bared community, 2011. The objective of this study is two-fold, on one hand to present a general overview and assessment of the psychosocial «well being» of the NBC families, and on the other to look into the general reproductive health conditions of NBC women. Quantifying the impact of the crisis on the displaced population’s psychosocial and reproductive health is very difficult, yet the survey was able to present a global overview of the situation delineating the main aspects of psychosocial and reproductive health conditions of the NBC community.
Directory: Civil Society Organizations Directory, 2010. The 2010 directory lists about 1,200 organizations and was published in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs’ NGO Resource and Support Unit
Study & Survey: The Nahr El-Bared Statistical Report, 2009. The report is a very comprehensive, thorough and well researched that covers a period of 1 year of data collection comprising 84% of the NBC population in the three major areas of displacement and resettlement - namely Beddawi Camp, Jabal Al Beddawi and Tripoli suburbs, and Nahr el Bared adjacent area - following the Nahr el Bared Crisis of May 2007. The report has proved to be a very useful resource for stakeholders, donors and other entities active in NBC, to tailor projects, allocate funding, and recognize development gaps.
Study: Situation analysis on the impact of the July war on South Lebanon, 2008. This study was conducted in the purpose of giving a comprehensive overview of the situation of South Lebanon in the aftermath of Israeli July war on Lebanon. The study covers in addition to the conditions of the population the state and the developments in aid delivery (by the State, Donors, and the Humanitarian community) and the current persistant gaps and required interventions.