Lebanon Support Programmes

Daleel Madani
Launched in 2006, Daleel Madani (civil guide) is an online portal for civil society actors in Lebanon. Through Daleel Madani, member civil society actors can register and benefit from a variety of services, such as posting resources, projects, call for proposals, events, press releases, and job vacancies. Daleel Madani currently has a directory of more than 1,300 civil society actors ranging from collectives to national civil society organisations, international NGOs to UN agencies and donor organisations. It is the most regularly updated and used site by civil society organisations in the country, and gathers over a million pageviews per month. Daleel Madani aims to enhance the availability of and accessibility to information about civil society, in addition to strengthening civil society cooperation and enhancing the sector in Lebanon. Visit Daleel Madani.

The Civil Society Knowledge Centre (CSKC)
Launched in 2013, with the support of the Norwegian Royal Embassy, the CSKC is the first and most developed online research and information platform for civil society organisations, professionals, academics, and activists in Lebanon. Composed of thematic projects combining qualitative and quantitative approaches, the CSKC constitutes a seminal and innovative knowledge base and publishing platform for original research and analysis on civil society work and issues and serves for civil society cooperation and collaboration. The CSKC makes available original research and analysis (papers, reports, etc.), interactive mappings, info-graphic visuals, and aggregated thematic libraries, among others. Visit the Civil Society Knowledge Centre.

Civil Society Incubator
Building on the informal support and coaching Lebanon Support has been providing over the years through its first two programmes, Daleel Madani and the Civil Society Knowledge Centre, Lebanon Support formalised these efforts in a new collaborative programme: the Civil Society Incubator, officially launched in 2016. Through its Incubator, Lebanon Support shares its expertise of over 10 years.The Incubator is designed to foster the creation, development, and growth of local civil society and public action initiatives, organisations, or projects. Incubation at Lebanon Support is done through an array of services such as provision of office space, coaching and mentoring on technical issues, management, administrative matters, research, advocacy, networking, and web development among others.Lebanon Support's  Incubator programme does not follow a ready-made format, but is rather designed and tailored based on the needs of the partner.For more information on our Incubator programme, send your fleshed out idea and a request to: contact@lebanon-support.org